UN brief for a global response to COVID-19


A poster to suggest maybe you really don’t need all those loo rolls.


…and some other ideas

Having fun with One Minute Briefs and Chip Shop Awards.
Although not actual client work, some good ideas can appear when with spec ads…


Jacob Rees-Mogg

The haunted pencil – he’s nobody’s friend.




Think Road Safety

Old Philip – not one to belt up in any situation.




How do you stop gun violence? Take guns away.



Tower of London for Chip Shop Awards

Head off to the Tower.




Advertise silent films for One Minute Briefs




Advertise nappies for One Minute Briefs

I mean gold, frankincense and myrrh are all well and good, but…




Advertise sloths for One Minute Briefs

No rush now.




Advertise avocados for One Minute Briefs

Breakfast is served.




Advertise viagra for One Minute Briefs

Yes, the obligatory viagra ad.