The Great Retirement Defuddler

A website and campaign for Just Adviser to explain retirement. Simply.


Gobbledygook. Waffle. Guff. Lingo…

Retirement is a confusing mass of jargon and acronyms.
Then there’s the pension puzzle.
Will I have enough? How long will it last? What pots or portfolios do I have?

I was looking forward to life after work but now I’m just befuddled.

If only there was a website that explained it all in plain English.
That didn’t rush me into anything and even had a real person to talk to
if I was still confuddled.

Introducing the Great Retirement Defuddler.
The clear and simple way to sort out your retirement.


defuddle verb

To simplify and explain confusing terms and actions
Eg: Sam couldn’t wait to defuddle his retirement plan.



Landing page


Online ad

Jerky stop motion graphics show a confusing array of options
The defuddle button lands on top and makes the confusion change to clarity

Online ad – D for Defuddle

On pressing ‘D’ on keyboard… the befuddled… are defuddled.

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