Art direction of Budget campaign for Partnership.

In the 2014 Budget major changes were made to the pensions market, having a negative impact on annuity firms, with share prices plummeting immediately. Partnership already offered enhanced annuities, giving people better income in retirement. A new campaign from sketchpad to national press (The Times, Telegraph, Mail and Standard), and also online via extremely positive client sign off in just over a day.




Direction and storyboard of videos to explain Partnership’s variety of products.

This particular video was for enhanced annuities – a delicate subject where those with health issues can have a better pension fund as it is estimated they may have a shorter life expectancy. A rickety volkswagen camper van on a bumpy ride was the perfect vehicle to illustrate the journey.



For the Enhanced Retirement Account, a baker was used to show the three ingredients/ The ERA provides consumers with access to a guaranteed income while at the same time offering the flexibility of drawdown and an opportunity for investment growth.



2012 European Championships sweepstake

Illustrations, box of goodies and wall-chart for Partnership’s inter-company Euro 2012 sweepstake.