Securing Stansted Airport

See something?
Say something!
Awareness campaign for Essex Police, Stansted Airport and the Department for Transport


It’s 5.49am in deepest Essex countryside.

You’re half asleep, and pondering whether to make a purchase from Richard and Judy’s bookclub, a pint at Wetherspoons, or maybe just getting your flight while herding 3 kids away from mini-Hamleys.

You may not see things and if you do, you might not have time to say things.
So it’s unlikely anything will get sorted.

Stansted airport required a campaign to grab passenger’s attention, and at the same time curtail potential hostile activity.

Echoing the minimal work of Frank Miller with a nod to Josef Müller-Brockmann‘s impactful safety posters from the 1950s, bold compositions were created. Strong geometric lines hinting at airport architecture allowed the protagonists to stand out, always keeping a potential hostile ominously large and tightly cropped in the foreground for dramatic effect.