Just Adviser

Launch campaign for the merger of Partnership and Just Retirement

Retirement isn’t what it used to be.
Or when it used to be.

People are working and living longer and retirement planning is a essential. But complicated. Just, created out of the two leading enhanced annuity providers – Just Retirement and Partnership – wanted to start a fresh conversation about retirement, to position their new brand as a strong, distinct voice, cutting through the noise and confusion.

To engage financial advisers in a dialogue, we first had to get their attention. To reimagine the conversations that advisers are having with their clients, and taking inspiration from the stop-motion animation of Oliver Postgate (yes, The Clangers!) Just talking mugs were created.

They’ve starred in their own digital and print ads, as well as videos and as ‘real-life’ giveaways. They’ve certainly got advisers talking.

And, most importantly, they’re talking to Just.



Retirement Unscrambled video