Don’t Trump

Some simple advice for US voters


What’s in a name?

A few months before the US election I created a poster that highlighted a simple message to US voters within Donald Trump’s name – DON’T.
It got posted on various social sites, also the website of AML where I work and things started to happen.
It managed to spread, quite virally, on the internet, with an attribution to the Economist (which it way paying homage to).

Hours later it was the most trending topic on The Poke.
Then front page news on AdWeek.
Then it was named as one of the ads of the year at DigiDay.

At AML we created a campaign based on this poster for the run-up to the election, with further social media and video, real-world digital posters and of course, obligatory Trump-style campaign hats.

Then he won.

However, the poster and subsequent campaign helped AML to win the Oystercatchers Club Award for Best Agency Marketing. And recently it won for Best Political ad at the inaugural US Chip Shop Awards in New York!

That said, we still haven’t got rid of him though. He’s not going to run again is he?