Big Society Capital re-brand

An organisation where investment ideas, funding and people converge to create social impact.


For the Big Society Capital re-brand, it was important to capture their convening power – a meeting place where everything comes together for good.

First up for the logo, the ‘I’s were connected together – just as Big Society Capital connects individuals and ideas, to create a strong teamwork approach that runs through everything they do. Also, a nod to BSC being the central point at which different ‘worlds’ come together, with BSC’s unique capabilities fundamental to enabling impact.

Visually we could then expand elements of letters from the central core to act as placeholders – showing studio portraits of a varied cross section of society in a positive, almost celebratory light, illustrating the knowledge BSC have to achieve enduring social impact,

The device was expanded through literature, social content and in due course the website, showing how, with all the constantly moving parts and the different components they bring together, Big Society Capital’s expertise and contribution, remains central to the process.