One of the biggest challenges when working with the financial services sector, is to take seemingly dry information and give it enough life so that the client feels comfortable with it. In a notoriously risk-averse industry, working with the clients, making them feel part of the process can often result in fresh and interesting collateral.


Barclays Private Bank

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment – not least for one of the world’s foremost private banks. This report, sent to ultra high net-worth investors, was an exercise in restraint, mixing impressive stats with bold photography, to illustrate the industries and investment themes that Barclays are involved with.


Vanguard adviser support

The strategy behind this pointed to a 360-degree total support network that Vanguard supplied to advisers. In a transitional stage brand-wise, Vanguard were dropping a previous nautical theme from their identity, but a cheeky nod to that was created mixing geometric lines that split up the 4 sectors of advice that referenced old navigation maps. To accommodate longer text such as German, layouts and formats were designed to allow as much breathing space as possible.


AXA Investment Managers

With ‘voices’, AXA Investment Managers carried out a global survey, with insights into the behaviour of investors of all ages, ethnicities and demographics. Big text, generously tracked out worked with intriguing portraits and layouts were submitted with photography and illustration guidelines to the AXA IM in-house team, and together we created the brochure.


Big Society Capital

Before creating brochures, sometimes guidelines are needed – which was the case with Big Society Capital after rebranding them. Working closely with top-notch artworkers, we designed a concise guide to colours, photography, grids, typography and pretty much everything, to keep future designers on-board with the brand.



Pictet Asset Management

Finally, a hefty tome that made use of very complex data to create infographics that underlined how new ‘megatrends’ within thematic investing could show investors the way forward in an age where sustainability is the hot topic that will be with us for the long-term. Winner of the gold award for brochure design at the MIDAS awards.